How do you know when you cross a state border? Well, normally the state in question plants a sign to inform you that you have made it there, welcoming you. And how do states decorate their welcoming messages? That varies a lot. They can evoke their natural resources (Georgia, North Dakota, New Mexico), their beautiful views (Colorado, Utah, Florida), their flag (Texas, Arizona, North Carolina), their seal (Missouri, New York, Alabama) or their map (Oregon, Indiana, Minnesota). Sometimes they even adapt the form of the sign to that of the state limits (completely like Montana or partially like Wisconsin). What they clearly know is that it’s going to be your first impression so they usually make a lot of efforts not to disappoint you and in order to present themselves in a proper and appealing way. Every state has its own way of doing it.

Even though most signs follow a rectangular shape, some of them opt for more unusual contours (Maryland, South Carolina, Missouri). Blue is the most common background color, followed by green. Some of them make outstanding use of typography to present their names (Mississippi, Tennessee, South Dakota). Nebraska has the sign with the darkest background, Alaska is the only state in this collection with a non-metallic welcome sign and Louisiana the only one to use a foreign language (French) to salute you.

In any case, the signs we show you here are colorful, attractive and imaginative, sometimes highly artistic. This makes them a pleasure to see, a joy reinforced by the excitement of arriving at your destination… or home.

Alabama Alaska
Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware
Florida (2) Georgia
Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas (2)
Kentucky Louisiana
Maine (2) Maryland
Massachusets Michigan (2)
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri (2) Montana
Nevada North Carolina
North Dakota Nebraska
New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York
Ohio (2) Oklahoma (3)
Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island (2) South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah (2)
Virginia (3) Vermont
Washington West Virgina
Wisconsin (2) Wyoming