This is probably the dirtiest page on our site (so far), so if you are easily offended – or underage – we strongly recommend you click somewhere else before it is too late.

If you take a look at the places listed here, you’ll be tempted to believe that we are making things up. Not at all: all of these towns, villages, streets, and roads with exhilarating names are as real as it gets. The world is big, history is long, and part of the result is what you witness here.

As you can see, many of these signs are just linguistic coincidences from more or less distant countries, but we also list many examples from English-speaking countries. In most cases, history and tradition can explain why just that specific name was chosen. Sometimes, the origin dates back a very long time (for instance, the French village of Pussy was founded in the 12th century).

In this collection of bad words we’ve also included some related signs that – although not insulting or profane – have some kind of connection with the topic, like Brest or a quite famous sign from Virginia Beach forbidding pedestrians to swear in public.
We dare to believe that we can guarantee you a good laugh or, at least, an exclamation of astonishment…

To Fuk Rd, Hong Kong Pussy, France
Butt Hole Rd, UK Bitche, France
Silly, Belgium Fucking, Austria
Moron, Spain Clit, Romania
Dildo, Canada Fingringhoe, UK
Condom, France Big Beaver Rd (Exit 69), USA
Puke, Albania Cocks, UK
Shitin Lu, China Twatt, UK
Nobber, Ireland Petting, Germany
Upper Dicker, UK Shooting Butts Rd, UK
Tit, Algeria Dumb Woman’s Lane, UK
Wadi Fukin, Palestine Penistone, UK
Dummer, UK Wank, Germany
Shitterton, UK Bastardo, Italy
Lickey End, UK Ugley, UK
Muff, Ireland Wank (Shapki), Russia
Happy Bottom, UK Wan King Path, Hong Kong
Brest, France French Lick, USA
Wetwang, UK Fuk Man Rd, Hong Kong
Cumming, USA Middelfart, Denmark
Big Bone Lick, USA Minge Lane, UK
Thong, UK Hole of Horcum, UK
Felch Avenue, USA Bell End, UK
Back Passage, UK Butt Rd, Canada
Rimswell, UK Titman Road, USA
Sandy Balls, UK Dork Street, USA
Lickfold, UK Chicken, USA
Titty Ho, UK Dick Street, USA
Nasty, UK Assawoman Drive, USA
No Cursing Allowed, USA