Peace is a human ambition common to all societies. Only under conditions of peace can countries progress and people thrive. Peace is the dream everybody shares when violence breaks out. No wonder the world is full of places whose name pays tribute to this longed-for goal, especially those regions that have a recent past scarred by conflict and bloodshed.

In this page we include a small selection of signs from streets and roads around the world that celebrate peace, as you can see, in many different languages.

Peace be with you!

Peace Street, New Orleans, USA Peace Avenue, New Braunfels, USA
Makepeace Street, Saugus, USA Peaceable Road, McAlester, USA
La Paz Road, California, USA Calle de la Paz, Madrid, Spain
Calle Paz, Granada, Spain Peace Street, Raleigh, NC
Shalom Aleichem Street, Tel Aviv, Israel Hashalom Road, Tel Aviv, Israel
Peace Street, Beijing, China Heping Jie, Hainan, China
Beiping West Road, Taipei, Taiwan Heiwadori, Okinawa, Japan
Via della Pace, Rome, Italy Makepeace Road, London, UK
Peace Road, Dahub, Egypt Al Salam Street, Dubai, UAE
Friedenstrasse, Berlin, Germany Rue de la Paix, Paris, France
Friedensplätzchen, Düsseldorf, Germany