Paris is a place for those who enjoy every little thing in life, a city for bon vivants, gourmands and romantics. Wine and tasty food at a picturesque restaurant, an evening stroll hand in hand with your beloved across any of River Seine’s bridges, maybe the oldest one: Pont Neuf. To the right you’ll be able to admire the renowned background scenery of the Eiffel Tower and to the left you’ll be impressed by the overwhelming façade of Notre Dame. Just a bit away you have the unique bookstore Shakespeare & Co, where celebrities like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce found a safe haven.

Paris is history, writers, artists and incensed debates in old distinguished cafés, but also a hectic and multicultural world metropolis of 9 million souls. Future and past meet here. The French capital really lives up to its fame as the obvious place for a culture romantic. You’ve got plenty of possibilities to follow the steps of notables of the caliber of Pablo Picasso, Jim Morrison, or Oscar Wilde.

In this series of street signs from the capital of France, we’ve picked some very well-known avenues, boulevards and alleys but also other streets maybe not so “popular” that have attracted our attention for some reason.

Paris, the city of lights and bridges, a place to fall in love both in and with.

■ Avenue des Champs-Elysées ■ Place de la Bastille
■ Rue Saint André des Arts ■ Rue Mouffetard
■ Place des Vosges ■ Boulevard St. Germain
■ Rue de Richelieu ■ Quai aux Fleurs
■ Place de la Concorde ■ Rue Bergère
Rue de Rivoli Place du Panthéon
■ Quai d’Anjou ■ Place Saint Germain des Prés
■ Rue Princesse ■ Rue Molière
■ Impasse Richard ■ Rue des Barres
■ Rue du Chat Qui Pêche ■ Rue de Richelieu
■ Rue Thérèse ■ Impasse des Souhaits
■ Rue Rosa Bonheur ■ Rue de la Paix
■ Rue Descartes Quai d’Orléans
■ Rue de l’Arbalète ■ Rue Montesquieu
■ Rue du Petit Musc ■ Allée des Justes
■ Place Ste. Opportune ■ Avenue Marcel Proust
■ Avenue de Paris