The Big Apple is a fantastic melting pot of the whole world, a mix of skin colors, cultures, scents, foods, and life styles. New York is a true global city that belongs to anyone who feels comfortable in it. People from all corners of the world have arrived here to make their dreams come true. Immigration has left its mark in whole neighborhoods, like Little Italy or Chinatown. New York is a city of cities, a limitless metropolis where skyscrapers chase the skies and merge with the water. Neon signs illuminate a city that never sleeps.

This city has something for everybody, no matter what you are looking for: music, museums, shopping, etc. Radical punk and opera. Stockbrokers and the jet set. It was jazz musicians back in the 20′s that gave it the nickname “The Big Apple”, because the greatest fruit you could harvest in your musical career was to succeed in this city. And that statement is as true now as it was then.

In the mouth of the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty keeps its majestic vigil over the city, welcoming all those who come to visit New York. The city is divided in five big areas: Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. There coexist more than eight million people. Many tourists end up in Manhattan, where most of the attractions are.

The best way to get acquainted with Manhattan is on foot, walking around each one of its neighborhoods. They are all very different: Greenwich Village, with its low houses and flowerpot holders under the windows, Chelsea and its countless art galleries, SoHo, the trendiest district, and the Upper East Side, with its luxurious houses and elegant boutiques. If you get a bit bored of urban life, you always have nature around the corner in the form of Central Park, the lungs of the city.

■ Broadway ■ 6th Avenue
■ Park Avenue ■ 5th Avenue (2)
■ Gay Street ■ Times Square
■ Central Park South ■ Bleecker Street
■ Wall Street ■ Bedford Avenue
■ Bowery ■ 3rd Avenue
■ Christopher Street ■ Amsterdam Avenue
■ Lexington Avenue ■ St. Mark’s Place
■ Central Park North ■ 1st Avenue
■ Madison Avenue ■ Central Park West
■ 2nd Avenue ■ 7th Avenue
■ Atlantic Avenue ■ 8th Avenue
■ 9th Avenue ■ Columbus Avenue
■ Flatbush Avenue ■ Dr.M. Luther King Blvd
■ Astor Place ■ Union Square
■ Canal Street ■ Nassau Street
■ W Houston Street ■ E 14 Street
■ W 14 Street ■ E 23 Street
■ W 23 Street ■ E 34 Street
■ W 34 Street ■ E 42 Street
■ W 42 Street ■ 10th Avenue
■ 11th Avenue ■ 12th Avenue
■ E 57 Street ■ W 57 Street
■ E 59 Street ■ W 59 Street
■ E 84 Street ■ W 84 Street
■ 5th Avenue (1) ■ New York Avenue