Few cities in the world are more storied than London. From its iconic monuments (such as the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye) to its world-class entertainment, London is a paradise for tourists and travelers of all stripes. It has a hugely multicultural population, including a strong community of American expatriates. In fact, there are so many Americans in London, and their influence on the city is so strong, that the NFL sends several teams each year to play in Wembley Stadium, and the turnout is reliably huge. Just as soccer (especially the Premier League) is becoming more popular in American cities, American Football is becoming more and more popular in London.

London was founded as a city of travellers. It was officially founded in 43 AD by a group of Roman soldiers and traders seeking to make a life for themselves in newly-conquered Britain. These soldiers brought cultural influences from across the Roman Empire, which at this time extended across the Mediterranean basin and deep into continental Europe. From a small commercial and military outpost, it gradually became one of the most important religious and cultural centers in the region, and would one day be the seat of the British Empire, whose territories extended to six of the seven continents.

This rich history has one distinct drawback for visitors – it makes London’s street map extremely complicated. Unlike modern cities, London was not built with any sort of central planning. It simply expanded over generations, leaving thousands of tiny alleyways, twisting streets, and complex intersections. Fortunately, there’s an extremely reliable subway system (with its iconic “Mind the Gap” announcements), and a veritable army of knowledgeable cab drivers to help out the confused tourist.

■ Downing Street ■ Abbey Road
■ Piccadilly Circus ■ Trafalgar Square
■ Berwick Street ■ Buckingham Gate
■ Leicester Square ■ Whitehall
■ Covent Garden ■ Victoria Street
■ Park Lane ■ Oxford Street
■ Bow Street ■ Orange Street
■ Regent Street ■ Charing Cross Road
■ St. James’s Market ■ Pall Mall
■ Carnaby Street ■ Coventry Street
■ Knightsbridge ■ Dean’s Mews
■ New Bond Street ■ Northumberland Street
■ Strand ■ The Mall
■ Savile Row ■ Carlton House Terrace
■ Swallow Street ■ Hop Gardens
■ Little Britain ■ Portobello Road
■ Makepeace Road ■ Back Passage
■ London Street ■ Love Lane
■ Camden High Street ■ London Bridge
■ Shakespeare Road ■ King’s Road