Who doesn’t love to talk about oneself? We present you here a series of cities that have dedicated a street to celebrate themselves or their natives (as it is the case with Berlin, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo). It could appear a bit self-centered or even egoistic, but why not do it? All the listed cities have lots of things to be proud of and a bit of self-indulgence can’t be that bad sometimes, right? On the other hand, these street signs with their characteristic design epitomize also in some way the whole city they represent. Tell me about yourself…

■ New York (New York Avenue) ■ Madrid (Calle de Madrid)
■ Berlin (Berliner Strasse) ■ Tokyo (Edo-dori)
■ Los Angeles (Los Angeles Street) ■ San Francisco (Francisco Street)
■ Toronto (Toronto Street) ■ London (London Street)
■ Rio de Janeiro (Rua da Carioca) ■ Paris (Rue de Paris)
■ Chicago (Chicago Avenue) ■ Sao Paulo (Avenida Paulista)