They are the most precious members of our society. Joyful, impulsive, yelling small crazy creatures without whom life wouldn’t be conceivable. But they are also the most vulnerable and fragile individuals that populate our world. They have to be cared for. That’s the reason why these signs exist.

We present you here a selection of signs related to children. They were designed to protect them, many of them from the dangers of automobile traffic. But not all.

They depict children in a more or less realistic way, sometimes in a solemn attitude and other times playful. You’ll find them angry, sad and happy, at times calm but also running for their lives. There are babies and older kids too. They can be spotted alone and accompanied by adults. In manga style and schematically. Children everywhere… and in any conceivable way.

Caution Children Crossing, Japan Caution Children (1), Germany
Caution Playing Children (2), Argentina Caution School, Slovenia
Don’t Jump down on Tracks, Japan Take Care of Your Children, Mexico
Caution Children Crossing (1), Japan Children Protection, South Korea
School, Belarus School Children, Drive carefully, Japan
Playing Children, Sweden Caution Children, Austria
Be Cautious, Drive Slowly, France Caution Children, Brazil
Attention School, Slovenia Children Don’t Have a Brake, Bulgaria
Take Care Children Playing, Bahrain Hold Your Children, Brazil
Children Crossing, India Do Not Climb Up, Denmark
Please Not so Fast, Austria Children Crossing, Burma
Pedestrians Only, South Korea Voluntary 30 Km, Germany
Caution Children (2), Germany Hold Your Children’s Hand, Sweden
Playground, Japan Drive Carefully, Germany
Caution Children, Czech Republic Caution Playground, Switzerland
Police Box, Japan Pedestrians Only, Japan
Residential Area, Spain Pedestrians in Road Ahead, UK
Caution Children (3), Germany School Children, Japan
Take Care of Strollers, Taiwan Playing Children Not Allowed, Spain
School Children Crossing, Japan Slow – Children Playing, USA
Slow Children, USA Watch out for Your Child’s Hand, Spain
Help Old People Cross, Japan Playground Warning, USA
Caution Children, Rwanda Shoppers Crossing, USA
Children Crossing, UK School Pick-up Point, Argentina
Beware of Children, UK Slow 25 MPH, USA
Obligatory Pedestrian Lane, Sweden Caution Children, Sweden
Children Crossing, Poland Children Playing, Russia
Children at Play, USA Caution Running Children, India
School Children Crossing, USA Children Crossing, New Zealand
Watch for Children, USA Pedestrian Priority (1), Germany
Caution Playing Children (1), Argentina Caution Children, Malta
Pedestrian Priority (2), Germany Buckle Up!, USA
Children Crossing, Austria School Children Crossing, Canada
Caution at Crossing, USA School, UK
Caution School Children Crossing, Iceland Caution Children Going to School, Iceland