Berlin has been many things – from a small kingdom struggling constantly against its neighbors, it gradually evolved into one of the greatest centers of culture and learning in the world. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the height of German classical music, the city boasted one of the best orchestras in the world, and was the home of J.S. Bach’s son during his musical training.

Berlin may be identified with German classical and Romantic composers, but it’s a different kind of music that dominates its streets today. Electronic dance music (house, trance, techno, and a variety of other genres) blasts from massive, multi-story clubs all around the city. Walking around the city, it’s common to see enormous lines snaking down the sidewalk at the entrances to these clubs, which stay open all night and can get extremely raucous. Berlin’s nightlife is one of the main reasons why tourists flock here from every corner of the world.

But as much as Berlin may be a party city, it is still (as it always has been) a great center of history, and visitors owe it to themselves to pick up some understanding of the city’s storied past. The Museumsinsel (“Island of Museums”) boasts several world-class museums on history, architecture, art, and nature. Even the grislier aspects of modern German history are discussed in an open, honest way.

The city itself is almost a museum. It has some truly spectacular architecture, especially in the form of imposing neoclassical monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Cathedral. The modern skyscrapers in the city center often have observation decks, which afford sweeping views of this beautiful city.

Unter den Linden Alexanderplatz
Karl-Marx-Allee Kurfürstendamm
Skalitzer Strasse Oranienburger Strasse
Friedrichsstrasse Goltzstrasse
Franfurter Allee Leipziger Strasse
Berliner Strasse Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse
Jüdenstrasse Petersburger Strasse
Lausitzer Platz Mainzer Strasse
Wilhelmstrasse Postdamer Strasse
Simon-Dach-Strasse Spandauer Strasse
Rathausstrasse Schlosstrasse
Danziger Strasse Oderberger Strasse
Grimmstrasse Motzstrasse
Vosstrasse Sonntagstrasse
Rheinstrasse Crellestrasse