Franklin, Salem, Washington, Springfield and Clinton. These are the most common names for places in the United States, all of them with more than 30 occurrences in different states. But in this section we list just the opposite: a bunch of places with unique, unusual names, names that make these towns and villages unique.

They can be surprising, funny, moving, even stunning – most of the time accidentally, but not always. Who can accidentally call a place “Truth or Consequences”? How (on earth) can you be naive naming a little village “Earth”? Did you want to show your humbleness when you chose “Center of the World” to designate your settlement (or, far, far more ambitiously, “Cosmos”)?

We can understand that you mean something else when you name a place “Intercourse”, “Weed” or “Cumming”, but how can you possibly prevent us from thinking double senses? And how can we not suspect there is a catch when approaching Zzyzx, California? Did the people who came up with that specific name just want us to twist our tongue, or did they for some reason want to be last ones in all kind of alphabetical listings?

In any case, every name, every sign we present you here deserves to stand out as a monument to human wit, imagination… and sometimes misunderstanding.

Frog Level, VA Rabbit Hash, KY
French Lick, IN Two Egg, FL
Harmony, CA No Name, CO
Peculiar, MO Purgatory, ME
Future City, IL Gay, MI
Chunky, MS Flippin, AR
Cut-N-Shoot, TX Hot Coffee, MS
What Cheer, IA Nowthen, MN
Whynot, NC Why, AZ
Center of the World, OH Wikieup, AZ
Tightwad, MO Cool, CA
Surprise, AZ Cosmos, MN
Best, TX Climax, NC
Fair Play, SC Intercourse, PA
Weed, CA Bonanza, OR
Earth, TX Cumming, GA
Truth or Consequences, NM Getaway, OH
Wisdom, MT Zzyzx, CA
Boring, OR Chicken, AK