Mankind and animals… shouldn’t we live together in harmony? It doesn’t seem to be the case. Motor vehicles are powerful machines that interact with – or rather sweep through – nature, where animals live. Roads are obstacles that animals need to overcome in their natural movement patterns. Only flying birds are lucky enough to avoid the encounter with those frightening roaring contraptions (but even then not always!).

The paradox lies in the fact that most roadside warning signs related to animals intend to protect them from humans rather than the opposite. But they “warn” – and are designed for – the supposedly higher-standing species that we are. There are some obvious exceptions: to crash against a moose or an elephant can’t possibly be harmless: neither for you, your car… nor the animal of course!

In a global perspective we can classify roadside warning signs in two big families: the European-born triangle with red borders and usually white inside; and the American-inspired yellow diamond with black borders. While South Africa, for example, adopted the European triangle, Australia and Argentina preferred the squared US version. This of course applies as well to animal signs.

Here we present you a wide collection of real road signs from all continents warning about animals, from Greenland to South Africa, from Japan to the US. Animals of all sizes (from elephants to mosquitoes), degrees of popularity (from koalas to snakes), relatively common (like cows) to extremely rare (like polar bears or nēnē) are here for you to enjoy… and be warned about!

Hippopotamus, South Africa Donkey, Netherlands Antilles
Mosquito, Finland Badger, USA
Crocodile, South Africa Squirrel, Spain
Otter, UK Reindeer, Norway
Elephant, Cambodia Llama, Argentina
Monkey, Taiwan Bandicoot, Australia
Zebra, Namibia Goat, USA
Oryx, Namibia Snake, Australia
Alligator, USA Musk Ox, Greenland
Boar, Japan Kudu, South Africa
Wombat, Australia Lyrebird, Australia
Warthog, South Africa Macaque, Malaysia
Bat, Australia Kangaroo, Australia
Cat, Italy Kiwi, New Zealand
Turtle, South Africa Giraffe, Namibia
Coati, Guatemala Crab, Japan
Elk, Sweden Bear, USA
Mongoose, Japan Sheep, Norway
Nene , USA Beetle, South Africa
Frog, UK Possum, Australia
Penguin, New Zealand Moose, Canada
Duck, Australia Cassowary, Australia
Camel, UAE Polar Bear, Norway
Lizard, Australia Koala, Australia
Cow, USA Deer, USA
Mountain Sheep, Canada Iguana, Nicaragua
Ostrich, Namibia Buffalo, USA
Coyote, USA Hyena, Namibia
Panther, USA Vulture, Namibia
Bee, USA Prairie dog, USA
Wild Dog, Zimbabwe Wild Horse, Namibia
Dog, UK Bighorn Sheep, USA