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A bit of self-indulgence can’t be that bad sometimes.
If you really want to see artistic street signs, we recommend you not to miss the capital of Spain.
All 50 U.S. states have a specific state highway system. Here you can explore them.
A paradise for tourists and travelers of all kinds, the capital of the United Kingdom is Europe’s largest city and a powerhouse of culture, finance and fashion.
It’s not for no reason that Rome is referred to as the Eternal City.
History and natural beauty at your hands.
They know that it's going to be your first impression so they usually make a lot of efforts not to disappoint you. But each one has its own way to do it.
No city’s unique identity goes as deep as Tokyo’s.
An European city in the heart of Latin America.
As the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans offers some of America’s richest musical heritage.
Roads are not only a critical element of any country's transportation infrastructure, but obstacles that animals need to overcome to survive.
Most American live on streets with designations that we recognize without hesitation, but you always find exceptions that make you raise your eyebrow.
This unmistakable city is a floating miracle, a wonder to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.
You better stop in the name of law.
After WWII, Berlin became a bone of contention between the Eastern and Western Blocs. The Communist government of the GDR finally decided to shut West Berlin up.
Canada is a small country in terms of population but huge in area. It combines endless expanses of tundra, prairies and mountains with global cities.
Popularly known as the Main Street of America or Mother Road, Route 66 symbolizes the American roadway.
You've been driving for hours on the highway and you really want to come home.
You'll maybe be tempted to believe that we are making things up, but these places' names are as real as it gets.
This thriving hub of culture, food, art, nightlife and tourism has welcomed huge numbers of migrants from all over the world since its founding.
We know that Franklin, Salem, Washington, Springfield and Clinton are the most common names for places in the United States. But here we concentrate just on the opposite.
This young nation has been divided for much of its history, but today its people are more united than many of their neighbors.
This beautiful city is a prime example of the low-key American Midwest, but it also displays the heritage of its many immigrant communities.
A network of motorways to connect Americans from one end of the continent to the other.
After its founding as a tiny trading post, Toronto has become a world metropolis with a fascinating mix of cultures.
The capital of Germany has been many things, and it's still a great center of history. But Berlin is also nightlife and music.
Once upon a time there was an universal language: Esperanto. Now there's a new one and it's called English. But that has its consequences...
Right from its founding, Los Angeles has been a city of migrants, but it has an identity of its own.
New York is a city of cities, a limitless metropolis where skyscrapers chase the skies and merge with the water.
They are the most precious members of our society, but also the most vulnerable.
Montreal is the nearest you'll come to Europe in the Americas, a proud and vibrant city with a very distinct culture.
The United Kingdom is a dense and multicultural country, home to some of the most recognizable icons in the world.
Sweden is a land of innovation and inspiration, combining endless expanses of wilderness with state-of-the-art technology.
Not long ago, it was the only city within the British Empire that could rival London. It was here that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were drawn up.
Modern Japan is fast paced and orderly, but there's also a quiet, timeless thread that connect the modern Japanese people with their ancestors.
Peace is the dream everybody shares when violence breaks out.
Future and past meet here. The French capital lives really up to its fame as the obvious place for a culture romantic.
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