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Caution Monkeys




Warning sign

The Formosan rock-monkey has a head and trunk ranging 14-17 in. in length and a tail that is 10-18 in. Each monkey weighs 11-26 pounds and has a flat round head, a hairless face, and two small ears. Their thick, soft coats of fur cover their entire body and are dark slaty in color in the winter and olive-green in the summer, with grayish-white bellies, reddish-brown buttocks, black lower limbs, and thick, long tails with black ends. They are highly social animals and form colonies that generally comprise 10-30 monkeys. Active during the day, the monkeys live most of their lives in trees located on exposed, rocky ground or near sources of water, and search for food in either the early morning hours or at dusk. When in danger, they will make short, loud noises or violently shake the trees they are in to warn others in their group. Formosan rock-monkeys are unique to Taiwan and are quite widespread in densely forested mountainous regions at 100-3200 m elevations.

Caution Monkeys

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