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Caution Elks




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The elk is the largest species of deer in Scandinavia but in spite of its size it moves easily in forest and field. It is also a good swimmer. At the beginning of the 19th century elks had almost become extinct in Sweden. The government decided that elk should only be hunted for a brief period each year. Elks have vastly increased in numbers since that time. In the wild elks live for a maximum of 20-25 years. With the exception of reindeer, it is only the male of the species that has antlers. They shed their antlers each year. The males use their antlers when fighting over females during the mating season. Antlers also give an indication of the animal’s rank and condition. The fact that even the largest antlers become full-grown during a single season may seem remarkable but if one looks at a section of antler one discovers that only the surface is solid. Elks defend themselves against predators by kicking with the hooves of their forelegs.

Caution Elks

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