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Warning Long-tailed Macaques




Warning sign

Long-tailed macaques vary in color from light brown or grayish to brown fur covering their backs, legs, and arms while their undersides are much lighter. They have pinkish-brown faces and the fur on their heads sweeps back over their forehead, often creating a crest of hair on the top of their heads. Males have mustaches and cheek whiskers that frame their faces while females have beards as well as cheek whiskers. They are named so for their extraordinarily long tail that is almost always longer than their height from head to rump, and ranges in length between 15 and 25 inches. Males measure between 1.35 and 2.13 ft and weigh, on average, between 10 and 18 pounds. These macaques are primarily arboreal and can leap distances between trees up to 16.4 ft, using their long tails for balance. They spend the morning hours feeding heavily (with mostly fruits) while they spend the midday hours resting. Long-tailed macaques move quadrupedally and spend some amount of time on the ground.

Warning Long-tailed Macaques

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