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Brighton, UK


Road marker

The town of Brighton lies in the county of Sussex, England. It is a seaside resort on the English Channel, 51 miles south of London. Brighton was for many centuries nothing more than a tiny fishing community. The site’s modern significance dates from 1754, when Richard Russell initiated the vogue of sea bathing. In 1783 the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) made the first of his many visits to Brighton. His patronage of Brighton stamped the town with the distinguished character still reflected in its Regency squares and terraces. His Royal Pavilion was built on the Old Steine, where fishing nets were once dried. The pavilion now houses a museum and art gallery, while the Dome, originally the royal stables, is used for concerts and conferences. The old fishing port, with its houses of black flint, includes the Lanes, now known for antique shops. Brighton now has more than 7 miles of seafront above its pebbly beach. East of the Palace Pier the first electric railway in Great Britain (1883) carried tourists in open coaches. The town has the Theatre Royal, a racecourse overlooking the sea from the downs, an aquarium, golf courses, and a sports arena. The municipal airport is at Shoreham-by-Sea. The town has industrial estates, and their highly diversified products range from office machinery to street name plates.


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