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Mulholland Drive


Los Angeles, USA


Street name

Mulholland Drive is a well-known winding road in Los Angeles named after William Mulholland (1855-1935), the water engineer who designed the Los Angeles Aqueduct. A portion of it is also called Mulholland Highway. The mostly two-lane, minor arterial road loosely follows the ridgeline of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills, connecting two sections of the U.S. Route 101, and crossing Sepulveda Boulevard, Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Nichols Canyon, among other places. Its eastern terminus lies over the Santa Monica Mountains. It offers spectacular views of the Hollywood Sign, downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Universal City and the rest of the San Fernando Valley. The famous movie Mulholland Drive by David Lynch was named after this road. For most of its history, Mulholland Drive was a notorious "parking spot" for amorous encounters, due to its seclusion, until the parking areas were blocked off in the early 1990's. The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) metaphorically described Mulholland Drive as the "entry point for extraterrestrials" in his book America.

Mulholland Drive

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