What’s this whole thing about?
There’s a world of signs out there and we celebrate that. It’s extremely difficult to find an inhabited place on planet Earth without signs. As a matter of fact, we haven’t managed yet (even in Antarctica there are signs deployed!).

Maybe you don’t think very often about it, but signs are an important part of your life, no matter where in the world you live. That stop sign saves your kid’s life every day and that toilet sign “saved” yours the other day; that highway sign tells you you’re coming home, and that street sign brings you sweet memories from your childhood. That other sign makes you relive your last (wonderful) holiday. The list could go on and on.

For those reasons (and many others), we dare to declare that ours is a world of signs.

More specifically, what do you call “signs”?

We only include signs that we consider to be:

  • Real
  • Made in good faith – that is, not just as a joke or manipulated afterwards
  • Elaborated in a (somewhat) systematic way – a handwritten message on cardboard, for example, doesn’t qualify
  • In the public realm
Are all those signs photos?
No. None of them. They are high-quality reproductions of the originals. That allows us, for example, to offer you perfect-looking signs on all kinds of gear, no matter the size. That wouldn’t be possible if we used photos.
Is this a good place to find my favorite signs?
We really think so. We are the biggest sign site on the Internet. So look no further. As a matter of fact, there’s no other place on the web where you can find so many real signs from so many countries and buy products of all kinds with those signs (we display now around HALF A MILLION articles on WorldofSigns.com). Don’t we have what you want? Tell us and we’ll try to add it to our collection.
According to you, all these signs exist, but there are some here that don’t exist anymore.
This site is about signs from the real world, but some of them might not be used any longer. As a matter of fact, we intend to gradually extend our stock with many more historic signs.
How do I look for signs?
You have different alternatives. You can, for example, search by kind of sign (“WHAT”) or by location (“WHERE”). You can also use search criteria on different levels (for example, the whole of USA or a specific state) and combine kind and location of signs (for example, street signs in the UK).

Another option is inserting free text in the search box if you already know what you are looking for.

If you just want to take a look, choose “Popular” to get a selection of our most popular signs, or “Random” to show the signs in random order. With “New” you’ll access our most recently added signs.

If you want to make your own sign collection, use the star icon to add your favorite signs and check these out clicking on the red star in the menu.

Can I contribute with comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.?
Yes, please! We appreciate all your feedback as we believe that you can help us make this site better. Click on the “letter” icon to get in touch with us.
What about the products you offer?
On our site you’ll see thousands of amazing products with signs stamped on them. All those products are handled and fabricated by well-known gear providers in the United States (currently Zazzle and Cafepress). All providers ship both inside the US and abroad. In case you want to ask anything about a product or you have an inquiry about your order, you should contact the specific provider.
Can I find you on social media?
Yes! You can visit and interact with us here: