Hey there! It’s Cyberweek in case you haven’t noticed yet. And Zazzle is going nuts. This week they offer up to 60% discount (!!). You can’t miss out…

How can you take advantage of Zazzle’s awesome deals? Very simple.

Look for your favorite signs with Zazzle products (there are thousands; you’ll recognize them by the small “z” icon by their side).

Cyberweek Zazzle signs

Begin for example clicking on “Popular”. Choose a sign you like. You can either use the “cart” icon to add your favorite products to your cart, or just click on the products to open directly in Zazzle site.

Cyberweek Zazzle products

At checkout you just need to insert this code: ZAZWEEKSALES. That’s all it takes to save lots of money!

Remember: Just this week.