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Come to our delicate High Street.
But needless to say, it is here to stay.
The UK could be the perfect place to indulge your favorite fantasies
A lane just for tough people.
I and my cottage are staying put forever.
Forget the thundering M25 orbital motorway.
Stick to it or die-cut!
Buying a home here could turn out a fan-tastic investment.
Although he was not supposed to.
Thieves beware.
For all we know it still works the same way today.
Has anybody tipped off this London borough about it?
Hear this before you start thinking naughty.
Lower and Upper Thongers giving new meaning to the word “separates”.
Don't be too hard on this.
But we choose not to speculate on the connection.
Crazy things our country cousins get up to.
No need to expose yourself to indecency charges.
Talk about the highs and lows of British country life.
Presumably lots of action around the village pond at midnight.
But lovers were too busy to notice the sign...
From when Wade the Giant scooped up earth to throw at his wife
Be careful about what you show to these snipers.
We don’t want you coming to a sticky end.
But absolutely nothing to do with positions on the table.
This village has been confused about itself for a long time.
Do your best not to tease the locals. Just in case.
If you send them a donation you'll be welcome anytime for a visit.
Maybe not so stupid, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
You'll still have to sit down even if you take out the "h".
From a time when all you needed was a crack to slip through.
We have absolutely nothing against seniors, but...
Leave that beer and come here. It's time to gather for a giggle.
The residents of this road had to change its name, because they didn't like being butted.
People in Dorset... oh they love their pigs so much!
In that case, how often did they have shows? Is it still on? Can you get tickets on internet?
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