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If you prefer dry, dusty places in the middle of nowhere.
Old and new in the capital of China.
Is there a screen around so we can get some privacy?
Waiting for someone to break the ice.
Acrobatics in Thailand.
As difficult as unreading this once you've read it.
Sometimes the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
But, if you don't mind, who exactly are the slippery?
A little beach in the Far East for not such a little name in the Far West.
Worrying about what could be happening in the fortune cookie business.
Clearly, this man is worked up about something.
We'll try our best to be polite.
We suggest you don't drop by here.
Cross or very cross cats here.
In this story you'll spot a very clear silver lining.
Perhaps just a polite request to stick to biscuits.
Every square inch here is precious.
Crooks beware! Police talking here.
Just 440 yards long, this street is a haven for backpackers and a inexhaustible source of excitement on a daily basis.
Laughing gas over our heads.
Maybe it's time for a serious rethink of this pedestrian system.
In search of an adrenalin rush.
Not sure if they wanted to tell us about the zoo.
Why would this pal want us to know he was out visiting?
Somebody needs to talk to this fish directly.
A job well done by a successful engineer.
A considered recommendation by a Chinese factory manager.
Why would walking cause Japanese people to catch fire?
Pray Be Seated
There are times when it may be safer to stand on the loo.
Friendly train conductors helping schoolgirls win fishing competitions in the Tokyo subway.
Tokyo Cat Show
Tuck your cat's tail under your armpit if you don't want to have an accident!
Let's create a lovely electric atmosphere.
Drink responsibly.
Careful! You might see some of those small creatures prowling around here.
Nowadays Ginza is one of the most upscale districts of Tokyo. But it wasn't always like that.
Cambodia is a country scarred by a series of armed conflicts in the last century. One of the lasting consequences is the presence of undetonated landmines scattered all over it.
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