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Ask why in the Northwest Territories.
The only people that care are those who steal the signs.
When a man wants it, nothing else will do.
Arlene was not a hot neighborhood gossip.
When is it, doll?
Don't let your nose deceive you.
Come drop your load.
Look for your only salvation here.
Revenge is the road, not the answer.
Trying to tame this place.
I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.
Motivating students.
Never a dull moment with all that Dull produce.
A short presentation for our series of New Orleans street signs.
You can take a chance if you have zero sense of smell.
We have heard San Francisco has a vibrant population.
We decided to taste them ourselves.
Don't trip over your left hand in this neck of the woods.
Take a look at our brand-new product provider.
There may be more than a few ones beneath your feet.
Life is short, so why waste time on long place names?
Something dark and mysterious maybe just around the next turn in the road.
We suspect the truth is lying elsewhere undiscovered.
Down the river and out of reach.
Pack a bag, give your vehicle a quick once-over, and get going!
We doubt the King of Rock would be delighted with his namesake.
Why did the nene cross the road...? Read on and you might find out.
Where the only life left is wild flowers flourishing in the spring
Bird in Paradise
The biggest problem nēnēs face nowadays is they don’t seem sure whether they ought to fly.
Pioneers in style.
The talk about lawless vandals has us feeling worried.
Let's meet tonight.
But we are still looking for the smoking gun.
Everything has its moment.
Better not ask for a lard sandwich just in case.
Time to cuddle up together and not get spooked.
You never know what unexpected thrilling thoughts arise until you use imagination.
But it can become wild after dark...
Gay Boy Court, like the one that just legalized same-sex marriage.
Ask the Chunka-playing Chanki Chitto.
Lick like Larry (LOL).
No trucks leaving mash of those lovely creatures on the road as they roar past.
A place in Mississippi with a very special brew.
It’s only right the government provides the neighbors with free acoustic muffs.
A question of maybe not so dull colors.
Shakin' beggars across the country.
More likely to choose four than five-letter words.
And Woodland was dead serious when it created this alley.
Making whoopee higher up in the mountains.
Let the burro race begin.
Nobody steals a march on us.
A path of military splendor.
Things could grow complicated if the law asked for a fixed address.
We are law-abiding citizens but there must be exceptions.
You've got to believe Todd Hausman.
Waiting for her to stall and come crashing to the ground.
Perhaps the surveyor had a prophecy of what was coming.
We suspect there may be something behind these roads popping up...
From a radio program to the middle of nowhere.
All ways lead to Texas.
Every time I come here I'm overwhelmed.
That's what happens when you need a train to stop at your place.
If you're Boring, look for Bland and Dull friends...
Do you see here plenty of people with odd interests?
A plot of bovine proportions.
Do you think they fought so much they didn't get around to making babies?
We guess they don’t have a Kentucky yet.
We wonder if this sign in Michigan pretends to show us the way to Transylvania.
If it had been a crossroad they might have called it "Mad".
It still sounds like a smart place to put your money.
On our way to our heavenly bonanza.
As a matter of fact, it could just be a viewpoint.
There is every indication that this part of Kentucky is hardly vegetarian.
Could it be a escaped furry creature from Beaver Island?
How did they get their satnavs so horribly wrong?
Please, refrain from dragging your children around supermarkets.
Hej, dude, don't look for privacy here!
A Canadian town very fond of rowing competitions.
The first American bourbon was produced in 1789, the same year than the French Revolution broke out.
Probably Joseph E. wouldn't be so amused to watch his Gay Parade.
Virginia Legend
No words to describe the 'no words'.
This is the end. For the better or for the worse.
Once upon a time the chief's wife changed her horse for a car.
Antonio Carlos Jobim would have this stunning Rio beach as his starting point to become one of the greatest musicians of his time.
Strange things can happen when you wikieup and find yourself in Arizona.
This is just a future event that never happened.
This is what happens when you pedal flat-out at railway lines.
Watch Your Head!
A miniature island with one of the most spectacular airports in the world.
World Wide Weed
Marijuana has been stirring things up since prehistoric times. Should we love it or hate it?
Why did Canada adopt the maple leaf to represent the country?
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