Until the peasant’s started chopping off their heads and burning down their castles, Europe’s kings and queens had the most expensive shopping habits in the world. The rich people who took over from them continued with their luxury shopping habits. You’ll see them getting into fancy cars with servant’s carrying parcels for them.

Consider this a warning to stay away from expensive shopping precincts, because there is no way any sane person can justify their prices. That’s unless you factor in the rents, and the wages they pay to sophisticated shop assistants who can look at you, mere mortal, as if you are something the cat threw up. Would you believe it costs $133 to rent a single square foot on Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris for a month, closely followed by $125 for London’s New Bond Street, and $123 for Via Montenapoleone in Milan?

Chinese woman buying

Chinese are quickly becoming the biggest buyers of luxury goods in Europe.
The Epoch Times

Other places best not seen dead in unless for strictly window shopping include Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, Munich’s Kaufingerstrasse, Rome’s Via Condotti and Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Listen to the languages spoken if you go there. The only people speaking the local ones are the rich and famous gents in pin-striped suits, and the ladies in fur coats with snappy Pomeranian dogs.

For the rest you’ll mainly hear people speaking Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic, and who have no idea what the goods cost elsewhere – and of course their smiling tour guides who get 10% of everything they spend doing luxury shopping. I almost forgot the pickpockets and big-time crooks that descend on the places in tourist season. They know affluent people only feel contented when their wallets are so stuffed full with greenbacks that their pockets are bursting.

Saudi prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd.

Saudi prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd wasn’t too bothered to lose some petty cash during his shopping stop in Paris.
El Confidencial

On 18 August 2014 a Saudi Prince left his ridiculously expensive Paris hotel in a motorcade, and drove down Avenue des Champs-Elysées heading for the local airport. The Sunday evening was quiet until eight heavily armed crooks turned up in two BMW’s and hijacked the first ten cars in the convoy. One of these was the prince’s top-flight Mercedes Benz. It contained one prince, $315,000 in spot cash and “sensitive documents” whatever that may be.

Being delivered with a silver spoon makes your toughest call having $315,000 dollars left over from Sunday luxury shopping in Europe’s most expensive street. What really amazes is that he was apparently more worried about losing his medication that ‘just a little money’.

That amount’s equivalent to $100 in most other folk’s wallets, although luxury shopping in Europe’s most expensive streets could lose you a whole deal more if you dare…