Visiting the United States of America means to experience a very diverse range of cultures, settings, scenario and lifestyles. Sure, the states might all share a common language and a common ground history, but each single state still holds really unique and singular traditions and characteristics. Sometimes, you have to dig deeper to find the hidden perks and fascinating attribute of each place, while other times the quirky and unusual local staples are proudly (and loudly) celebrated. This is definitely the case of the famous ostrich races in Chandler, Arizona, in occasion of the “Chandler Ostrich Festival”.

This particular tradition is not a very old one: the festival was instituted as recently as 1989, but the event managed to make its way into the local folklore and into the hearts of many locals and visitors. The Ostrich Festival has grown to the point that it is now widely regarded as one of the most important festival throughout the entire Southwest region of the United States.

The party is on.
This is a 3-days long celebration hosting about 300,000 people each year, who do not only come over to experience the famous ostrich races and related activities for the whole family, but also to enjoy an incredible selection of great food, spectacular carnivals, parades, dance shows and musical performances, as well as the work of many local artists and craftsmen who add color and vibe to the entire festival.

If you are a music lover, this festival is a great way to see nationally renowned talents as well as a great platform for up and coming bands that get the chance to share the stage with their heroes.

The ostrich races, however, remain the absolute highlight of this colorful and lively event. If you are considering a visit to the Southwest, it might be well worth the effort to plan your trip around this remarkable event, where, in addition to enjoying these exotic animals’ speedy feats, you’ll be able to discover local food, arts & crafts, music and culture.