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Ask why in the Northwest Territories.
The only people that care are those who steal the signs.
When a man wants it, nothing else will do.
Come to our delicate High Street.
Arlene was not a hot neighborhood gossip.
Sophus wasn't like that at all.
When is it, doll?
But needless to say, it is here to stay.
Don't let your nose deceive you.
The UK could be the perfect place to indulge your favorite fantasies
Come drop your load.
A lane just for tough people.
Look for your only salvation here.
I and my cottage are staying put forever.
Forget the thundering M25 orbital motorway.
Revenge is the road, not the answer.
If you prefer dry, dusty places in the middle of nowhere.
Trying to tame this place.
Never a dull moment with all that Dull produce.
Buying a home here could turn out a fan-tastic investment.
You can take a chance if you have zero sense of smell.
But in the wight direction with cuisine for Chinese visitors.
We have heard San Francisco has a vibrant population.
We decided to taste them ourselves.
Although he was not supposed to.
If you happen to be in the Baltic countries.
Don't trip over your left hand in this neck of the woods.
Thieves beware.
There may be more than a few ones beneath your feet.
For all we know it still works the same way today.
We suspect the truth is lying elsewhere undiscovered.
Has anybody tipped off this London borough about it?
Down the river and out of reach.
We beg your pardon if this sounds a little tiresome.
We doubt the King of Rock would be delighted with his namesake.
It might be better not to get pulled over here.
Where the only life left is wild flowers flourishing in the spring
Is there a screen around so we can get some privacy?
Pioneers in style.
The talk about lawless vandals has us feeling worried.
Let's meet tonight.
But we are still looking for the smoking gun.
Everything has its moment.
Waiting for someone to break the ice.
Better not ask for a lard sandwich just in case.
Hear this before you start thinking naughty.
Time to cuddle up together and not get spooked.
Lower and Upper Thongers giving new meaning to the word “separates”.
You never know what unexpected thrilling thoughts arise until you use imagination.
But it can become wild after dark...
Don't be too hard on this.
But we choose not to speculate on the connection.
Gay Boy Court, like the one that just legalized same-sex marriage.
Crazy things our country cousins get up to.
Be careful with the Puke Beer.
Ask the Chunka-playing Chanki Chitto.
Preserving mankind.
Lick like Larry (LOL).
Acrobatics in Thailand.
No trucks leaving mash of those lovely creatures on the road as they roar past.
Transcending transgender in Thailand.
But be careful not to cause troubles with the locals.
A place in Mississippi with a very special brew.
It’s only right the government provides the neighbors with free acoustic muffs.
As difficult as unreading this once you've read it.
A question of maybe not so dull colors.
No need to expose yourself to indecency charges.
Shakin' beggars across the country.
More likely to choose four than five-letter words.
One candidate too many for the post.
And Woodland was dead serious when it created this alley.
Making whoopee higher up in the mountains.
Let the burro race begin.
Talk about the highs and lows of British country life.
Nobody steals a march on us.
Sometimes the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
Presumably lots of action around the village pond at midnight.
A path of military splendor.
But, if you don't mind, who exactly are the slippery?
Things could grow complicated if the law asked for a fixed address.
But lovers were too busy to notice the sign...
We are law-abiding citizens but there must be exceptions.
You've got to believe Todd Hausman.
From when Wade the Giant scooped up earth to throw at his wife
Waiting for her to stall and come crashing to the ground.
A little beach in the Far East for not such a little name in the Far West.
Perhaps the surveyor had a prophecy of what was coming.
Worrying about what could be happening in the fortune cookie business.
We suspect there may be something behind these roads popping up...
Crawls Not Up
Irritated animals are waiting for you.
Be careful about what you show to these snipers.
From a radio program to the middle of nowhere.
Imagine bumping into that thing when dining in a restaurant.
Clearly, this man is worked up about something.
We don’t want you coming to a sticky end.
All ways lead to Texas.
But absolutely nothing to do with positions on the table.
Every time I come here I'm overwhelmed.
That's what happens when you need a train to stop at your place.
We'll try our best to be polite.
If you're Boring, look for Bland and Dull friends...
This village has been confused about itself for a long time.
Do you see here plenty of people with odd interests?
Make peace not war and stop exchanging those kind of blows.
A plot of bovine proportions.
We suggest you don't drop by here.
Do you think they fought so much they didn't get around to making babies?
These Swedish children are not spawning, but some of them look already quite badly affected.
We guess they don’t have a Kentucky yet.
Cross or very cross cats here.
Do your best not to tease the locals. Just in case.
This Spanish town in the province of Seville is not what we would define as a tourist hotspot.
If you send them a donation you'll be welcome anytime for a visit.
We wonder if this sign in Michigan pretends to show us the way to Transylvania.
In this story you'll spot a very clear silver lining.
Maybe not so stupid, just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If it had been a crossroad they might have called it "Mad".
You'll still have to sit down even if you take out the "h".
It still sounds like a smart place to put your money.
We don’t advise going further when enjoying the sunshine with your top off.
What will you do if you find them on your engine... or on your bed?
On our way to our heavenly bonanza.
From a time when all you needed was a crack to slip through.
We have absolutely nothing against seniors, but...
Perhaps just a polite request to stick to biscuits.
As a matter of fact, it could just be a viewpoint.
Every square inch here is precious.
Crooks beware! Police talking here.
Embraceable you.
Be careful! Little girls in Warsaw are demanding bigger lollipops.
There is every indication that this part of Kentucky is hardly vegetarian.
Fiery conquistadores with a taste for a vigorous approach.
Day and night-time entertainment in County Donegal.
Laughing gas over our heads.
Could it be a escaped furry creature from Beaver Island?
We don’t recommend you try stealing this sign.
How did they get their satnavs so horribly wrong?
You'll have a nice crocodile to gently stop you if your wheelchair's brakes fail.
These kind of things happen when out-of-towners irritate natives.
Put on your skates if you want to prepare a delicious omelette for two dozen people from a single egg.
Please, refrain from dragging your children around supermarkets.
Hold on to your clothes before you ask.
Caring for Danish women's shoes.
Maybe it's time for a serious rethink of this pedestrian system.
Those kind of things can happen when you don't flush your canals.
Thank you everybody. And have a hugely Merry Christmas!
Leave that beer and come here. It's time to gather for a giggle.
In search of an adrenalin rush.
Hej, dude, don't look for privacy here!
Or just planning to run 40 laps around the council swimming pool.
It's just a guess, but there might be a divorce court nearby.
A Canadian town very fond of rowing competitions.
Be careful! They just can't afford to lose another waiter.
Calling All Pros
Couldn't they just be suggesting a dress code for the evening?
Not sure if they wanted to tell us about the zoo.
Why would this pal want us to know he was out visiting?
Somebody needs to talk to this fish directly.
Probably Joseph E. wouldn't be so amused to watch his Gay Parade.
Not as stupid as you might think.
A Messy Business
Couldn't it just be a confusion due to an unusually cold winter?
Virginia Legend
No words to describe the 'no words'.
A job well done by a successful engineer.
This is the end. For the better or for the worse.
A considered recommendation by a Chinese factory manager.
Once upon a time the chief's wife changed her horse for a car.
Why would walking cause Japanese people to catch fire?
Pray Be Seated
There are times when it may be safer to stand on the loo.
I Love My Pussy
An ancient mountain village in France with a peculiar name.
Friendly train conductors helping schoolgirls win fishing competitions in the Tokyo subway.
The residents of this road had to change its name, because they didn't like being butted.
Strange things can happen when you wikieup and find yourself in Arizona.
Tokyo Cat Show
Tuck your cat's tail under your armpit if you don't want to have an accident!
This is just a future event that never happened.
Let's create a lovely electric atmosphere.
This is what happens when you pedal flat-out at railway lines.
People in Dorset... oh they love their pigs so much!
Indian Club Soda
Just a sparkling stop along the road.
Drink responsibly.
Perhaps the person in the picture is skydiving from a foot above the water...
Careful! You might see some of those small creatures prowling around here.
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