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Old and new in the capital of China.
Just 440 yards long, this street is a haven for backpackers and a inexhaustible source of excitement on a daily basis.
Sometime in the 1930’s a local historian decided it would be a nice idea to carve some faces in Mount Rushmore and get some tourists in.
Mulholland Drive is a long Hollywood road that attracts stars and inspires films.
New York City has a quiet, green oasis in the heart of Manhattan. A haven of peace iconic because of its frequent use in movies.
Watch Your Head!
A miniature island with one of the most spectacular airports in the world.
The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco and its contribution to hippie culture.
Route 66 is not only a mythical road. It has also had a profound impact on the popular culture in the United States.
From a settlement bought from local Amerindians in 1638 to one of the trendiest districts in New York City. But times weren't always so sweet in Williamsburg.
Interstate 90 is a 3,103 miles long highway that traverses the US all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.
In that case, how often did they have shows? Is it still on? Can you get tickets on internet?
Piazza San Marco is definitely the highlight of the “floating city” and a true icon of Italy.
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