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Bird in Paradise
The biggest problem nēnēs face nowadays is they don’t seem sure whether they ought to fly.
Sometime in the 1930’s a local historian decided it would be a nice idea to carve some faces in Mount Rushmore and get some tourists in.
The first American bourbon was produced in 1789, the same year than the French Revolution broke out.
World Wide Weed
Marijuana has been stirring things up since prehistoric times. Should we love it or hate it?
The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco and its contribution to hippie culture.
Why did Canada adopt the maple leaf to represent the country?
It was one of the passages between East and West Berlin. The Glienicke Bridge became the chosen site for prisoner exchanges between the KGB and the CIA from 1961-1986.
After acquiring a chunk of land from France in 1803, President Thomas Jefferson decided to fund an expedition to find out exactly what he had bought. Well, in any case he got us a national park.
Cambodia is a country scarred by a series of armed conflicts in the last century. One of the lasting consequences is the presence of undetonated landmines scattered all over it.
In that case, how often did they have shows? Is it still on? Can you get tickets on internet?
Piazza San Marco is definitely the highlight of the “floating city” and a true icon of Italy.
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