Mish’ol Hardon is an average-looking street in Beersheba, in the Negev Desert. It is hard on to Mish’ol Smamit, Mish’ol Gril, and Mish’ol Shunit so there’s no reason to get excited about this sign. To have a hard-on also means to have a crush on something as in ‘I’ve got a hard-on for that caddie sports.’

There’s not much else to get a hard-on about in Beersheba except for the name of the unassuming street, so we are at a loss to explain why it’s the fastest-growing city in the State of Israel. If you prefer dry, dusty places in the middle of nowhere it could be right for you. In 2013, a three bedroom flat at 10 Mish’ol Hardon changed hands for $154,000, so presumably somebody had had a hard-on about it too.